Holly Willoughby’s Box Dye Instagram Snap Divides Opinion

There’s no denying that Holly Willoughby has gorgeous blonde tresses.

Holly has taken to sharing her fashion and beauty secrets on Instagram, in response to the demand from viewers of This Morning. We don’t blame you, ladies.

And now, she’s shared the product behind her sunshine locks.

Yup, it’s a great day for wannabe blondes.

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The TV presenter is the face of Garnier Nutrisse Creme, and takes the packaging for shade 10.01, otherwise known as Natural Baby Blonde.

In a candid snap shared with her 800,000 followers, Holly posted a bathroom selfie whilst she was touching up her roots with an at-home box dye.

She captioned her picture, ‘Au revoir roots! @garnieruk #nutrisse #10.01 xxx’.

Many of her fans gushed at the down-to-earth moment, with one commenting, ‘I love the fact she’s doing her own hair…’

Another said, ‘This makes me so happy. It’s nice to see celebs living like us “normal” people who don’t have stylists at the other end of the phone. Refreshing and I really appreciate it.’

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But amongst the praise, there were a few people that weren’t so impressed.

One said, ‘Does she really do it herself!!! Where is her gloves??? Mmmm don’t think so’ [sic]. Another chimed in, ‘I really don’t believe that she does her own hair.’

Some stuck up for her, with one comment reading, ‘Oh my god, leave Holly alone! I’ve never seen so much shock & surprise that she does her own roots…’

Another hit back, ‘…I love that she’s just a gorgeous, normal, down to earth mum. Stop with the nasty comments.’

Hear hear.