Holly Fulton + Simple = Seriously Fashionable Face Wipes

Fashion designer Holly Fulton has been adding her designs onto more than just the pieces in her collection, this season she has teamed up with Simple, putting her prints onto two limited edition Kind To Skin Cleansing Wipes, £3.29, packets. Inspired by her Catwalk designs, she launched the pretty packages just in time for London Fashion Week, as Simple’s wipes are a backstage essential. So we caught up with Holly to find out about the inspo behind the pink and black packages and her own skincare routine…

How did the collaboration come about?

As a brand we’re very keen to work with other brands that have the same values as us so Simple having a broad appeal to a wide demographic of women fitted perfectly with us. We think of our clothes as for all types, all ages, all sizes and that’s one thing Simple embraces as a brand. Plus they have a really strong reputation in the beauty industry and I think that gives us a broad reach to people who might never have heard about us before.

Talk us through the designs…

I wanted it to represent our style and have a lot of graphics and emblems on it and chequerboards are really symbolic for us. The black and pink colour scheme picks up on our autumn/winter 15 collection that was based around party girls and that kind of carefree aesthetic and I love the fact it’s their first departure away from green into other colours.

For me I love the challenge of engineering my design on things that are a lot smaller than a garment so I always hand draw everything initially. For this project we did about four or five designs and eventually went with the one that incorporated a lot of ladies.

> Holly Fulton’s SS16 collection

Which colourway is your favourite?

I particularly love the black and white one because it’s such a strong combination.

This isn’t your first collaboration, what is it about them that appeals to you so much?

I love working with other people. It’s very easy when you’re a designer to spend a lot of time in your own studio so it’s nice to have that interchange with other creatives and the chance to incorporate their initiatives as a brand.

Is there anyone on your collaboration wishlist?

I’m open to anything! We’ve done stationary packs, Christmas crackers, things for Fortnum & Mason – never say never!

> Holly Fulton SS16

What’s your specific skincare routine?

It depends on the time of year to be honest but in September and February when it’s fashion week everything tends to go out of the window. Our skin gets pretty stressed out and we’re eating and drinking stuff that we shouldn’t be. Generally though, I moisturise every morning and night.

Any tips from backstage you’ve picked up?

The power of the false eyelash! It’s become a bit of an addiction of mine although unfortunately I’m not as skilled as applying them as a make-up artist. I’m actually quite low maintenance with my make-up but I always have a red lip and it’s usually MAC’s Ruby Woo. I sometimes dabble with different shades but I always go back to that one, I like the blue reds.

> Holly Fulton SS16

What’s been your favourite make-up look from your shows?

I did like A/W 14 which had a flick of copper on the eyelids. It was a bit of a departure from what we’d done before because we’ve done some looks that are quite themed.

The make-up is always one of my favourite bits of the show because it makes such a huge difference to your collection and it really sets the scene. When I started out I didn’t understand the power it had but it’s such a pivotal role for what we do. You can have an outfit that looks amazing but then suddenly it takes it to another level when you add hair and make-up.

Do you always have a vision in your mind of how you want the make-up to be?

I have ideas but I leave it to the experts. For me the joy of working with hair and make-up stylists is that they will bring something fresh to the table. We always give them a PDF of any inspirations that we’ve looked at, for instance, for A/W it was Baba Beaton (sister of Cecil), Biba with that 70s style and Kate Moss in the 90s. We’d often cite them as references to the hair and make-up teams, just to guide them in terms of mood and then they translate it from there. It creates that visual synergy between the appearance and the clothes.

> Holly Fulton SS16

And how important are nails within the overall look?

I’m not really a minimalist so it’s nice to bring all elements together on the models. The nails can be a big injection of colour and colour’s very key to my work.

Do you have a muse?

I quite often say Joan Collins. I’ve always been fascinated by her relentless attention to detail. She likes a total look which is something that I love, so a coordinated dress, earrings, necklace – it’s all orchestrated and the fact she just maintains that flawless façade is something I really admire a lot.

Would you say anyone has that now?

People have it in different ways but it’s changed and moved on. The way Joan does it was very 1950s but then you have someone like Alexa Chung who has a look she maintains but it moves with the seasons.

> Holly Fulton SS16

Is there anyone you’d love wearing your designs?

Taylor Swift! I love Taylor Swift’s legs. And Angelica Houston – she fascinates me and has a very strong, different kind of beauty. I like to see women of different ages wearing things

What has been your best selling print to date?

There tends to be one thing each season that stands out and it’s usually the most hand drawn design. For A/W 11 we did a lot of things with lips which were very, very popular and then we did something with naked ladies for S/S 13 that did very well, so it tends to be things that are quite often a bit fun. It’s a bit cheeky and it seems to resonate with people. Straight fashion can be quite serious so it’s important to inject a little bit of humour into it.

How would you sum up you’re a/W 15 collection?

It’s all about having good old-fashioned fun. We wanted to showcase that sense of luxury so we looked at party girls through the ages – things like lingerie slips with giant fur coats that are so endlessly decadent – that’s what I wanted to encapsulate.

> Holly Fulton SS16

Do you have a stick-out piece from the collection?

I did like the things we did with latex. I get excited by new materials and that’s not something I’d worked with previously so it was a bit of a challenge.

When you’re working on the collections, what beauty essentials do you have by your side?

I always have red lipstick in any situation because if I don’t have it on people think something’s happened! A facial mist – it’s great for spraying in people’s faces when they’re at the sewing machine – it sounds awful but you really have to concentrate and you have to be fresh when you’re doing that! Always wipes because I do a lot of drawing late at night and they’re really refreshing and get rid of my make-up quickly which is what I forget to do when I get in at 4am.

Louise Brookes from the 20s is another inspiration – she always had a red lip as well and a very classic look. There’s such a strength that comes with that.