Holiday-Proof Your Mani With These DIY Gel Polishes

For most of us, gels are the easiest option when it comes to keeping our nails glossy and chip free throughout the duration of our holiday. No matter how hard we try (there’s only so many topcoats one can apply) regular polish just does not cut it, and no one wants gross looking nails spoiling their summer Instagram snaps, right?

But with gel manicures come responsibilities – for starters they’re expensive, finding the time to get someone else to do them can be difficult to fit into your busy schedule, and they can cause long term damage to your nails; not to mention how difficult they are to get off – ever tried getting them off yourself? Ouch.

So, we suggest you ditch the LED lamp and give some of these amazing new at home gel polishes. Yep you heard right – these high shine, long lasting, impossibly glossy formulas have all the pros of gels and none of the cons. Simply apply them as you would a normal nail varnish and the clever topcoat reacts and cures in normal daylight – no need for a UV lamp! We’ve put them to the test and we absolutely love them! Here are our favourite summer picks we’ll be rocking on our hols!


The Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paints, £4.99 are seriously cool. Just paint on the sunset colour of your choice and top it with the Daylight Curing Topcoat, £4.99. The polish amazingly transforms to a gel like finish in daylight, but can stil be taken off with your regular remover.

OPI have helped step up our nail game again with their amazing OPI Infinite Shine Lacquer collection, £13.95 each. Available in a range of 30 rainbow shades, when teamed with OPI’s Infinite Shine Primer and Gloss Duo, £19.95, once set these gorgeous polishes will stay super shiny and wont chip for an entire week, seriously.

Jessica’s Phenom Vivid Colour, £13.50 polishes are a must-have. Just pick your shade and follow it with the Jessica Phenom Finale Shine, £13.50 for a chip free gel like shine that promises to last up to 10 days.

Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Nail Polishes, £9.99 have all of the fun and functionality of a gel mani in an ultra convenient two step polish. Pick your colour from a staggering 45 shades, add the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat, £9.99 and you’re good to go for up to two weeks!

Gabrielle Dyer