This £5 Highlighter Will Give You Enough Glow To Rival Victoria’s Secret Angels

Get ready to glow, girls! And all for less than the price of a bacon sarnie.

In search of a highlighter to end all highlighters? The struggle to get that all important crescent moon glow is very real. Forget spending the earth trying to achieve it, this £5 Barry M beauty will definitely do the trick.

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Posting a selfie on Instagram minus any contouring highlighter is a dicey game. If you’re #blessed with the kind of skin that glows without any help then lucky you but for the majority of us, a little help is needed.


Glow like Gigi Hadid for less than a fiver

That’s where a shimmering highlighter comes into play. Even if you aren’t a fan of piling on the slap, casually slicking strobing cream or powder along key areas on the face will instantly make you look a hundred times better. Perfect if you’re wallowing in the pits of hangover hell and need to nip to the shops. You know that the likelihood of bumping into a fitty on the way to Sainsbury’s is doubled if you look rough.

Buddy system 🎟💅🏼👅

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Take a leaf out of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Have you ever seen a picture of Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenne looking anything less than. Well, angelic? No. And look at the VS Angels who have walked the runway more than a few times. Lily Aldridge,  Alesaandra Ambrosio and even ex-VS Angel Miranda Kerr all know the power of well placed highlighter.

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Barry M’s clever little Illuminating Strobe Cream delivers the finest glow for less than a fiver, which is why it has been a regular sell out since it launched earlier this year.

Never post a bad selfie again!

Available in two shades, frosty Pink and Iced Bronze, the chubby stick has a large domed nib, making it super easy to apply and blend.

For full-on Angel points add your favoured shade to the tops of the cheekbones, centre of the nose, brow bones, Cupid’s bow and very lightly on the chin. Blend with a brush until you’re left with contoured glow to rival any of the babes on the Victoria’s Secret runway.

By Ellen Kerry