You’ve Been Applying Your Sunscreen All Wrong!

Sun protection. We all know it’s non-negotiable. But no matter how much we slather on, statistics show we’re actually applying it all wrong. Here’s how to solve all your skin protection woes so you can have fun in the sun all summer long…

1. We’ve Been Skipping The Hard-To-Reach Areas

Backs, ears, necks, feet…All are much easier to cover if you enlist the help of a spray. Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Oil Continuous Spray SPF30, £9, is completely clear and dries the very moment it hits the skin. Non-sticky sunscreen mess- huzzah!


2. We Keep Using Last Year’s Leftovers

It’s actually a bit gross if you think about it. We wouldn’t eat last summer’s fridge leftovers, so why are we using ancient summer SPF?! Sunscreen contains a number of active ingredients that lose their potency over time and reduce the level of protection. Plus, they can smell pretty bad after all that time. Ew!


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3. Going For A Swim? Time For A Top-Up

Water was once sun lotion’s number one foe. Not any more. The new ‘wet skin’ technology in Piz Buin Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray SPF30, £11, means that protection is activated even when you go for a swim. Apply to dry or wet skin and relaaaax knowing you’re fully protected. Ultrasun’s Tinted Honey SPF30, £26, is super water resistant and packs a glow that will make you a bronzed goddess from day one!



Millie Mackintosh



4. Always Apply Inside

Waiting until you park up by the pool is a massive sun no-no. It takes around half an hour for your skin to absorb your sun protection. Apply it before you’re out the door for maximum coverage.

5. Numbers Aren’t Everything

OK, so choosing a high SPF is important, but you need to go for products with a ‘broad spectrum’. This means you’ll be covered against both UVA and UVB rays. Raising the protection bar to new levels is Clinique Mineral Sunscreen Fluid For Face SPF50, £22, which flights off both damaging UVA and UVB rays – and it’s still light enough to wear every day. Winning!