Dark circles? Say goodbye to them with this wonder wand

Best Grooming Products: Time To Raid HIS Bathroom Cabinet

Late night? Feeling a little hungover? Then make sure you raid your boyfriend/brother/husband/dad’s (delete as appropriate!) bathroom cabinet for this bad boy, Elemis Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel, £25. With a combination of dark-circle busting ingredients like sugar beet and golden root along with a heavy dose of magnesium that hydrates and revitalises, it’s the ultimate fix for tired eyes. Unlike a lot of formulas designed for women it’s designed to simply refresh, cool and hydrate, rather than anything to complicated like our de-puffing, collagen-boosting, illuminating, firming, crow’s feet-banishing eye creams. Now don’t go throwing away your does-it-all eye cream, keep using it – especially in the evenings! But on those mornings when your eyes look like they really need another 8 hours reach for this instead and you’ll instantly look more awake.

Elemis Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel, £25

> Time to raid his bathroom cabinet, asap!


Clinique For Men Mattifying Oil Control Moisturiser, £25

Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Razor Bump Relief, £26.50

With summer rolling in and the weather finally heating up, try ditching your day cream for your guy’s Clinique For Men Mattifying Oil Control Moisturiser, £25, instead. It’s super-lightweight and oil-free but still seriously hydrating, so it’s a perfect base for make-up and will keep you shine-free all day.  

Ok this may be TMI, but we all get ingrown hairs every now and then. It happens to everyone. But Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Razor Bump Relief, £26.50, is awesome for putting a stop to them. Where your man will wipe it over his face after shaving you can really use it anywhere, legs, bikini line etc, and it’ll work exactly the same! It has ginger root extract that helps to control oil production and soothe skin along with willow herb that has anti-microbial properties – meaning it’ll help stop pores getting infected. 

So, it’s time to have a rummage through his bathroom cabinet asap!