Here’s Why You Need This Vitamin Drink In Your Life

We all know about the importance of vitamin C but are you getting enough vitamin D? Well, apparently not, because recent estimates suggest 10 million people in England are deficient, with reports showing that 1 in 5 adults and 1 in 6 children not getting the recommended daily amount.

We sit in dark offices all day, and when the sun finally arrives we coat ourselves in sun cream, some of us all year round, to prevent wrinkles, sun spots and skin cancer, but the reality is this stops our skin from absorbing vitamin D from sunlight, which, lets face it is scarce enough already. Children are especially likely to be deficient because of parents worries about the risks of sunburn.

For your body to get anough vitamind D the NHS recommends 10-15 minutes of sunlight a day, but when was the last time you managed even 5? We all know this is pretty impossible to achieve in the UK, where we are lucky if we see sun for six months of the year.

The Get More C drink is seriously refreshing and tastes like oranges The Get More C drink tastes like oranges

Plus, I bet you didn’t know that from mid October to the start of April UK sunlight doesn’t have the right wavelength for our skin to be able to synthesize vitamin D. Throw our extreme overuse of UVA protection into the mix and we’re seeing a worrying rise of deficiency.

We spoke to nutritionist Lisa Strong about some of the reasons why we need to be getting enough: “Vitamin D is so important, it helps to helps maintain healthy bones, teeth, regulate our mood, immune system & neuromuscular system. A deficiency can raise the risk of weak bones, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and has even been linked to some cancers and depression,” she said. “In children, it’s even more essential. If they don’t get enough it can lead to rickets and poor growth.”

And if you’re wondering whether you can get it from a balanced diet, the answer is unfortunately no. While it can be obtained from foods like oily fish, eggs, fortified fat spreads and mushrooms, it is very hard to get what your body needs from food alone.

The More Drinks range The More Drinks range

So, as we enter months of what seems like eternal darkness (otherwise known as winter), we should be considering how we’ll be reaching our D vit quota. Don’t like taking supplements? Us neither. Which is why More Drinks are fast becoming our favourite thing. A new range of vitamin drinks, they are aiming to help reduce our nations vitamin D deficiency, one sip at a time.

Naturally flavored with fruit and formulated with spring water and no added sugar, Get More D contains only 7 calories and is quite literally the easiest way of getting your daily does of vitamin D. And its not just vitamin D, the range consists of a vitamin A, B, C D, and a multivitamins drink.

They also have a children’s range, with A Little More Vitamin C, A and D. This would all, of course, be irrelevant if the drinks didn’t taste good, but the entire range is delicious!

Grab them at Sainsbury’s, Tesco and WH Smith for just £1.45 and £1.09 for the A Little More range.

Winter, we’re ready for you.

Gabrielle Dyer