The Secret Hair Healer Hiding In Your Kitchen…

What if we told you the secret to glossy, advert-worthy hair wasn’t in your local salon with a hefty price tag attached, but is in fact is sitting in you kitchen cupboard… Yep, it’s true. Ever heard of a herbal hair rinse? No, we hadn’t either, but it’s actually a genius way to revive your dull, damaged tresses and soothe them back to their former glory. The plant nutrients, minerals and antioxidants are delivered straight to your scalp and strands, helping fight off a whole host of hair bugbears, from dryness to excess oil. Here’s what you need to do to heal your hair with herbs…

Herbal Hair Rinse How-To

Step 1: If you’re using dried herbs take a teaspoon and pop it in a cup of water overnight to release more of the goodness into the water.

Step 2: Take a handful of fresh herbs or your cup of pre-soaked herbs in a bowl, pour 1 cup of boiling water over the top, and leave to steep for 15-20mins.

Step 3: Strain the herbs from the water and once the rinse has cooled to a comfortable temp, pour it over your freshly shampooed hair.

Step 4: Massage the rinse into your hair ensuring it soaks your whole scalp and every strand. Then leave your hair to soak in the rinse for around 30 mins before washing out.

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Which Herb Does Your Hair Need?

Try one, or mix and match to create your hair’s perfect herb cocktail…

Lavender: Greasy locks? Lavender works a treat for balancing oil production, plus it will help calm any inflamed scalp conditions.

Basil: The clever herb can increase blood flow to the scalp boosting hair growth and ensuring strands are strong and free from breakage. 

Tesco, Basil, 70p

Liquorice Root: Expect a soothed scalp, calmed of any irritations like dandruff.

Whole Foods, Liquorice Root, £3.63

Rosemary: Removes product build up to leave your hair super shiny, soft and revitalised.

Planet Organic, Cut Rosemary, £1.95