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How To Get HD Brows At Home | Tutorial

Want to know how to get HD brows? Watch our HD eyebrows tutorial to tint, wax and shape your way to fuller brows.

HD Brows have become a bit of a beauty phenomenon over the past few years. Ever since ‘brows on fleek’ became an actual phrase spoken irl, and not just on instagram – every girl and their nan wants to get their brows done, the HD way.

But what actually are HD Brows? And how can we get ’em?

Well, HD Brows is technically a salon treatment – started by brow genius and total mega babe, Nilam Holmes Patel.

It involves, not only the tinting and waxing of brows, but a total RE-VAMP and reshape. Tint is applied, to help brows look fuller and thicker… before brows are waxed. Then, a HD Brows specialist technician goes in and threads away any out-of-place hairs, before tidying up with tweezers. It’s a pretty thorough job, and seriously – you’re left with the best brows of your life.

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However, as much as we’d love to be able to DIY the whole HD Brows treatment – that’s just not very likely. We do not have the skilled hands of Nilam, nor do we trust ourselves dripping wax that close to our eyeballs, thanks. But – thanks to High Definition Beauty – we can get the look of HD Brows at home.

High Definition Beauty is basically the makeup line, also founded by Nilam. It contains all the HD Brow products you need to get brows on fleek – plus extras. Because, y’know… brows are just the start.

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And if you’ve ever struggled to fill in your brows, we’re here to help. Because as always, our beauty writer Gabrielle is on hand with a HD Brows Tutorial. To show you exactly how to get HD Brows at home.

So watch above, and check out how to get your brows looking aweeeeesome on the reg. Also, if you try the look at home, make sure you hashtag #BeautyAdvisor on instagram so that we can have a nosey. Thanks!