8 Hay Fever Must-Haves For Your Handbag

It's that time of the year again, folks

Hay fever. Whether you’re a regular sufferer or someone that gets an attack of the allergies every now-and-then, Spring is a bittersweet time of year.

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Ont he one hand the weather has turned and you can *finally* leave your chunky puffer coat at home. Trees have been transformed from twiggy messes to glorious green beauties, sometimes covered in cherry blossom. Ideal for Insta.

BUT with all of this loveliness comes an influx of pollen, which combined with pollution, gives us the worst hay fever face ever.

How to combat rhinitis symptoms

Some of the ways to spot whether you’re under a pollen-based attack include…

** Your eyes (or just one) stream for no reason at all. There’s not even a Ryan Gosling movie playing.

** As well as leaking, you eyeballs feel like someone crept into your room in the night, removed them, rolled them in sawdust, then popped them back in.

** The bags below your eyes require an excess baggage sticker. This is thanks to congested sinuses.

** A snotty nose is your new everyday accessory. it’s a lovely shade of so-sore-red, too and likes to explode with sneezes.

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You’re basically a mess. Which is why we need mega products and tricks to combat the effects of hay fever.

Budge-proof mascara and eye liner, plumping eye cream and redness reducing makeup will all help. As will a pair of sassy sunnies….