Have You Tried Hair Contouring?

We all know about contouring – we’ve got a whole guide on how to contour for your face shape, but what I’m pretty sure you didn’t know is that you can now contour your hair too.

The clever people at Charles Worthington have applied the same principles as those used in makeup contouring to dyeing hair. Lighter colours highlight and make an area appear larger, while darker colours do the exact opposite, so by adding darker and lighter tones to the hair in prescribed areas, you can create depth and shadow that enhances your bone structure and alters the shape of your face – genius!

Art Team Director at Charles Worthington, Marc Trinder developed the contouring colour service and creates a truly bespoke colour for each and every person. In the consultation your skin tone and face shape are assessed and a personal prescription of lighter and darker contour colours are created.



So, for example, if your face shape is round like Chrissy Teigen, you can create the illusion of  a longer face by adding darker tones around the bottom of the face and highlights around the hairline.


Heart Shaped

If you have a heart shaped face like Miranda Kerr you want to create the illusion of a slightly softer more oval face. To do this you’ll want blonder areas put in around your ears and jawline, to soften the bottom half of your face.



Generally speaking, if your face is oval shaped like the gorgeous Jessica Alba you are very lucky and will suit any colour, as this is the most desirable face shape and tends to need little enhancement.



A square face can be softened with a mixture of multi-tonal colours around the edges of then entire face.



Longer faces can be made to appear shorter by keeping the colour of the roots dark and subtly integrating natural looking lighter pieces in above the ears.

Head to your nearest Charles Worthington salon for your personalised colour creation. Prices start from £85.

Gabrielle Dyer