Have An Aussie Date Night In With Your Hair

Life is all about finding your perfect match – The One that makes everything feel right. While that might be quite a tough call when it comes to romance, as far as your hair is concerned, things have just got easier.

Aussie has completed its 3 Minute Miracle line up with two new genius rinse-off, deep conditioning treatments – 3 Minute Miracle Light Aussome Volume and 3 Minute Miracle Light Mega.

These luscious, lightweight conditioning mousses are bursting with nourishing ingredients and Aussie’s tantalising scent. Even better, they’re an easy way to ramp up your everyday hair routine with a little touch of magic and a deep-conditioning boost.

All the other favourites are there too, helping to solve any problem. Choose from Luscious Long for helping reduce split ends to Frizz Miracle for taming curls to Take the Heat for those of us who’ve overdone the styling! Whatever you’re looking for in The One, Aussie has the perfect match for you.

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