Is Harry Styles’ Side Plait The New Boy Bun?

From beanie to bun, headband to fedora, Harry Styles certainly likes to experiment with different hairstyles. However, this weekend he added a totally new addition, accompanying his usual go-to man bun with a cute little French braid down one side.

Lou Teasdale, One Direction’s hairstylist, uploaded the picture of Harry’s creative ‘do on Saturday, captioning it ‘Ladies and gentleman, my male grooming skillz.’

Definitely the most drastic hairstyle to date that he’s used to maintain his flowing curly locks, while plaits are the hottest hair trend for autumn/winter 14, reactions from fans seem to be mixed, with some commenting on how much they love the new look and others not too sure.

We actually quite like it and if anyone can ‘style’ it out, it’s Harry! Now, we’re wondering who will be brave enough to sport the boy braid next…!