Harry Styles Does Something Crazy To Lose Weight

Who knew Harry Styles was such a gym bunny?!

The One Direction singer, 21, has got very honest about his diet and fitness regime – and it’s not what we expected.

Harry admits that he drinks something pretty gross to maintain his lean physique, telling Sunday Times’ Style magazine: ‘Bullet coffee. It’s black coffee with a spoonful of butter in it and spoonful of coconut oil mixed up together.

One Direction Harry Styles is getting ready to take a break from One Direction


‘I’ve been on it for two days. You don’t get hungry.’ Um, ew.

But how does this (rather extreme-sounding) beverage work? Well. It was thought up by US entrepreneur Dave Asprey, who was given tea laced with yak butter when trekking in Tibet.

Studies have shown that the double shot of caffeine speeds up your metabolism, while the fat (in the butter and coconut oil) slows the digestive process.

This prevents a sudden spike of energy, meaning the coffee hit lasts longer than usual.

Harry Styles Harry Styles wears women’s jeans. Wowzers


However, one cup contains 400-500 calories and 50g of saturated fat, which brings you worryingly close to your daily allowance of 70g.

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There are mixed opinions about the method, with dietitian Dr Sarah Schenker telling the Daily Mail: ‘If you are trekking in Tibet you need concentrated calories because you are expending so much energy.

‘But you can’t just transfer the drink to our more static Western environment and expect it to aid weight loss: It just won’t work.’

One Direction The One Direction lads think Harry Styles is ‘superfit’


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But it seems to be doing the trick for Hazza. He continues: ‘I wear 26in waist women’s jeans. Boom… I do yoga, a bit of meditation, Pilates. I’m reading a book about Buddhism.’

And his routine hasn’t got unnoticed by his bandmates, with Niall Horan adding: ‘Harry is superfit. He does 12 five-minute rounds of boxing every day and goes for runs.’

Let’s just hope he’s using that bullet coffee sensibly.