Harry Potter Liquid Eyeliner Exists And It’s Magical

Storybook Cosmetics, we salute you

Harry Potter cosmetics have been around for a while now (mostly thanks to the babes over at Storybook Cosmetics) – but now Harry Potter Liquid Eyeliner exists in the real muggle world and it’s UNBELIEVABLY great.

Now, we all know getting your liquid liner flicks on point can be a struggle. But apparently perfect flicks are achievable with just a little bit of wizardry in the form of a quill applicator.

Yes, you heard right muggles – a QUILL.

It if, of course, the fanciest eyeliner you’ll ever own – as the applicator is no less than a custom made gold metal feather quill. Plus it comes complete with a hollow brush stand which protects the precision point tip of the (eyeliner brush) QUILL.

And of course, the matte black eyeliner formula is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Because wizards and witches like magic, not meat.

The Harry Potter Liquid Eyeliner is available for $39 on the Storybook Cosmetics website (which works out at about £30)