See The Harry Potter Lipstick That’s Got Fans Going Crazy

Years after the Harry Potter series was all wrapped up (our hearts still break a little to think about it), we welcome any tiny fragment of new HP goodness that can come our way. 


So when we heard through the grapevine of the internet that a Harry Potter themed range of sumptuous lipsticks was available, thanks to LA Splash Cosmetics, our inner Pygmy Puffs rejoiced. 

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>Instagram: @kristynkibler

And just LOOK at the colours. Swoon. 

Each velvety shade has been named after a beloved Harry Potter character or a Hogwarts House. 

It hasn’t taken long for these beauties to Floo Powder their way onto Instagram feeds everywhere, and the liquid lipstick sure does create a suitably magical effect on the lips. 

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>Instagram: Alyssa Marie 


From deep gothic shades such as Bellatrix, Sirius and Nagini (we could totally see Rihanna rocking this hue) to nude tones Nymph-Adora and Lovegood, every lipstick personality is covered. 

We even have the daring neon pops from Alastor and Severus, and Ginny’s luscious flame-red locks have also been transformed into a suitably fiery shade. 

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>Instagram: @lasplashsg and @lizmua1_


Although, upon closer inspection, some major Harry Potter fans pointed out that not every name is totally true to the books. Ravens Claw for example is a deep shade of red (and RAVENCLAW’s colours are blue and bronze, obvs). 

To be honest, we’re just thrilled that there’s a WHOLE beauty line in dedication to the fantastical world of Harry Potter… 


Accio Smitten Liptint Mousse!

By Laura Jane Turner