Harley Quinn makeup tutorial

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We've got your Halloween make-up, sorted!

Whether you’re a Suicide Squad fan or not – everyone knows of Harley Quinn. And thanks to Margot Robbie, the crazy comic icon is on the top of everyone’s Halloween inspo this year. So we challenged Deputy Beauty Editor Chloe to recreate the look. Watch the video and follow the step-by-step below for the easiest Harley Quinn makeup tutorial EVER this Halloween.


Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

Get Harley’s icy-white skin by using a super-pale foundation. Chloe used Urban Decay’s All-Nighter Foundation in the shade 0.5.

Fill in your brows with a medium-dark brown pencil. Harley’s eyebrows are quite dark next to her super-blonde hair, so don’t be afraid of going a few shades darker than you usually would.

Use a pink eyeshadow (or blusher) on one eye, and a bright blue eyeshadow on the other. Harley’s eyeshadow smudges down her face slightly – so there’s no need to be precise here! Use a fluffy brush to blend the eyeshadows down your face and onto your cheekbones.

With a black liquid eyeliner, line the lash line and create a wing. To make this easier – Chloe sketches the area out first with a kohl liner, before going in with a liquid.

Apply two coats of your fave mascara. Chloe uses Stila Huge Extreme Mascara… because it really does make your lashes, HUGE.

Line the lips with a red lip-liner before filling them in with your fave matte lippy. The brighter, the better – and again, don’t worry about being super neat. Harley’s lipstick is often smudged so if you make a mistake: roll with it.

For Harley’s face tattoos – use a black eyeliner to draw on a heart, and the word ‘rotten’

To finish, part the hair and tie into two pigtails leaving the front strands out and straight. Use hair chalks (or pastel clip-in hair extensions) to get Harley Quinn’s statement pink and blue strands – and you’re done!