Hand Make-Up Is Here, And It’s Kind Of Weird…

While we’re still trying to perfect our perfect cat eye along the actual curvature of our lids, there are beauty mavens on social media who are showing off their skills on their hands.

As in, they are drawing fully made up eyes on the backs of their hands and sharing the impressive images with the world. Yep, really.

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hand makeup Instagram: @rebecca.aguirre


Talk about brows on fleek — some of the Instagram examples we’ve come across draw in brow hairs that somehow look more natural that ours IRL. How is this possible?

And check of this over-achiever, who used her entire arm to create looks. Their artistry is seriously impressive and so lifelike, but we have to admit, we’ll probably stick to painting our faces instead of our hands.

hand makeup Instagram: @avreka


Let’s be honest, we tend to use both of our hands whilst applying our eye make-up, so this technique could get more than a little tricky…

Still, really cool to check out on social and major props to the artists who are creating the looks. We need at least one of them to explain how we can achieve that perfect arch STAT.

This article was originally taken from MimiChatter.