The ‘Half-Halo’ Highlighting Hack You Need To Know

Highlighting is THE trend to get on board with this summer. 

Makeup gurus, celebs and the public are all obsessed with bold, blinding highlights.

We completely adore this trend and the structure defining, multi-dimensional effect is has on our faces. Did someone say snatched?!

Image: Instagram

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Whilst we all know the stunning effect of highlighting, it’s not as easy to know exactly where is best to apply it.

It’s totally easy to get carried away on application, especially when you’re a complete highlighter addict. We’re not ashamed to admit, we’ve all been there…

Not that there’s anything wrong with looking like a human disco ball, but we totally get wanting your glow to look noticeable but as au natural as possible.


With makeup jargon like strobing flying around, highlighting can appear to be overcomplicated, but we promise this trick will make highlighting its easiest yet.

Say hello to the “half-halo”, which will simplify EVERYTHING for you.

Your half-halo is the crescent-shaped area from your brow bone to your cheekbones and is THE place you want to pack on your highlighter.

Image: Instagram

Applying your highlighter to this high point of your face will bring it forward and instantly throw your natural bone structure into high definition.

Yaaasss, HD cheekbones, come through.

Use your middle finger or a highlighting brush to lightly blend or dust your highlighting product onto your “half-halo” until it’s as radiant as you want it.

LOOK Loves Zoeva Luxe Highlighting Brush, £14.80 and Morphe Duo Deluxe Fan Brush, £7.95.

Image: instagram

If – like us – you’re obsessed with the brightest highlights, apply a layer of liquid or cream highlight and then directly on top, place a powder.

Layering the powder over the liquid will intensify the pigmentation of the powder whilst also boosting its longevity. Win, win!

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Remembering the handy “half-halo” trick will create the maximum impact with as little product as possible.

By Catherine Delves