Kirsten Dunst kept her hairstyle loose but chic at the Premier of her film Melancholia

Hairstyle How-To Video: The Messy Updo

Now that we’ve been predicted an Indian summer over the weekend, we need a hairstyle that will look good and relieve sweaty necks – after all, we all want to look super-glam while soaking up the sun. So today we’ve brought to you the ultimate messy updo hairstyle, similar to Kirsten Dunst‘s fab hairstyle at the London premiere of Melancholia.

The best thing about this look is it’s perfect for weddings, but you can even wear it down to the park with your friends, without looking too overdone. It’s quick and easy and all you need is a few pins to get you there. Check out our hairstyle how-to video below and watch LOOK’s beauty writer Katie Selby show you how it’s done. SF