Hairdresser Confessions: The Most LOL Worthy Moments From The Salon Chair

From a full head of hair falling out to toy Ferbie styling, we reveal the scare stories straight from the stylist’s chair.

Hairdressers have seen and heard it all. So we caught up with some of our faves to get the most LOL hairdresser confessions right from the horses mouth!

Hilarious Hairdresser Confessions

“I have been asked on so many occasions to match someone’s collar to their cuff! I think I was first asked when I was about 18 and at this point I literally had no idea what my client was talking about. It only started making sense when she said ‘the only reason I ask is because my husband doesn’t know that I dye my hair’. I can confirm that I have never fulfilled this service!” Adam Reed Ghd Global Hair Ambassador

“When I was a junior stylist I did highlights on a lady with dark brown hair and what I didn’t realise was that she had put a dark brown semi-permanent colour over her bleached hair the week before so when I took out the highlights most of the hair came off too! It did teach me however the art is in a great consultation and I didn’t do that again.” Paul Edmonds, Celebrity Stylist and founder of Paul Edmonds Salon

“I used to work in a Mayfair salon in the late 90s where one of my more eccentric clients would have her chauffeur drive five of her toy Ferbies to the salon each week from Surrey to London create a different theme of hairstyles.” Sam Burnett, Owner & Creative Director of Hare & Bone

“One of my very long standing clients, who still comes to me now, when she first came in she said, ‘Lisa, darling! I’d like you to match my hair with Frederick’. I grinned (trying to fight back the chuckle!) and said ‘And who is Frederick?’ And there and then, she whipped the top off her country wicker basket and there he was! A pert and plump speckled hen! And so I went ahead and wove in shades of chestnut, fawns, biscuits and blondes all to match Frederick. We’ve laughed about it so much since!!” Lisa Shepherd, PRO:VOKE Professional Haircare Ambassador

“A client came in for a cut and had taken pictures on her phone to help give me more of an idea of what she was looking for. As we scrolled through we came across a picture that was perfect for her – right shape, length, texture. I leant in to point these features out and accidentally touched her phone. It immediately flicked onto the next, quite private picture of her – definitely not meant for my eyes. Luckily she was kind enough to laugh it off. Moral of the story – never touch your client’s phone”. Jordan Garrett, Hershesons stylist, Hershesons

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“A client once came in requesting bright red eyebrows to match her bright red hair! As a rule of thumb, I’d always recommend keeping eyebrows natural unless you’re doing a massive colour overhaul in which case – get expert advice! It’s a common misconception that eyebrows need to be the same colour as your hair.” Fie Karayannis, Senior Colourist at Jo Hansford