Hairbrush Highlights Are Getting Beauty Bloggers Excited

Hairbrush highlighting is a thing, people. And we have to say, it’s kind of cool.

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, the ombre hair trend is very much back on the beauty map for spring (not that it ever really went out of fashion)… And the latest balayage technique involves using a standard hairbrush to highlight.

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> Kim’s bringing the balayage trend back for spring


And thanks to a series of videos posted to beauty blogger Huda Beauty’s Instagram account, we can seen the hairbrush highlights technique in action.

And the results? The most subtle, gorgeous ombre highlights ever.

Dana Ionata, a successful hair colourist, gives her verdict on the unusual trend.

> Instagram: @hudabeauty


‘This way of creating ombré highlights could work, as long as the saturation of the dye on the brush is even,’ she told Allure. ‘Using a brush eliminates the possibility of your hand pressing down too hard on the strands of hair when applying the highlights. A brush will give a faster, more natural-looking ombré instead of a hard and heavily saturated look.

‘I’ve seen this done in Sweden, and I often apply ombré highlights with a comb for more even distribution.’

So, it looks like this one could really take off?

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> Instagram: @hudabeauty


Ionata does offer up a warning when it comes to hairbrush highlighting, however. ‘Using a round brush is not the best idea because if that brush gets stuck during the application process, it’s going to leave spots and bleed marks,’ she says. 

So, make sure your haidresser is using a paddle brush without metal bristles, and you should be good.

You heard it here first…

> Instagram: @hudabeauty