How To Stimulate Hair Growth *Just* By Washing It

Japanese beauty tips and tricks have been influencing worldwide trends for ages.

But there’s one DIY hair trend which seems to be having a real moment right now.

According to Marie Claire, Japanese women have been washing their locks with rice water (yup, the leftovers from the pots in the kitchen) for centuries.

It is said to stimulate hair growth, build up the strength of the hair and also improve the general health of the scalp. Winning all around, then. 

The new wave of this tradition has been dubbed the ‘hair water’ trend.

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So, how can you get in on the benefits yourself?

Of course, you can always make your own rice water by boiling or soaking some rice at home.

Or, if you’d prefer a shortcut, Marie Claire have found one.



Meet the all-natural brand Ash & Nectar, who produce something called Rice Water Hair Milk. It combines rosemary, argan and lavender essential oils, as well as the rice water.

Now, this doesn’t take the place of regular shampoo, but instead you can work it into your hair wash routine afterwards, just like a conditioner.

Then you can say hello to deep-conditioned hair and healed split ends. 

Amazing, no?