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Hair Sunscreen: Why Your Strands Needs It This Summer

We all know about the dangers of sun on our skin, and most of us wouldnt dream of stepping out without any suncream on, but what I bet you don’t know is how it affects our hair.

Each time you step out on holiday without a hat over your head you are unknowingly damaging your hair, both short-term and in the long run. You know how your tresses tend to feel dry and look duller while you’re away? Well, as you lounge by the pool all day long the sun’s rays are bleaching your hair, and while this might give you those lovely sunkissed highlights, it’s actually stripping your hair of moisture, resulting in parched, straw like strands. In the short-term the texture of your hair will get worse, but in the future it can cause your hair to get thinner.

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This is true for all hair, whatever type or colour, but if you dye your hair you are more at risk of damage. As chemically treated hair is generally weaker, it’s more prone to drying out and feeling/looking frazzled. Even worse, the sun can actually change the colour of your hair – if you’re a blonde you’ll already know how frustrating it is when your gorgeous golden locks turn a nasty brassy copper.

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But realistically, we cant spend our entire holiday hiding our head in the shade, and I don’t know about you, but hats aren’t really my thing, so, we turn to hair SPF’s to save our strands. They’re really easy to use, so no excuses, simply spray through your hair, either damp or dry and you’re good to go. Reapply like you would a normal sunscreen and make sure you top up after going in the pool or the sea.

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Bellow are some of our favourite holiday hair heroes. It might be one more step to add to your beauty routine, but you’ll thank us in the future!

>Shiseido Sun Protection Spray Oil-Free SPF15, £23.50

> Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, £21.50

L’Occitane Sun Protection Mist, £18



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Korres Red Vine Year-Round Hair Sun Protection, £10.00


>Pantene Perfect Hydration Lotion, £6.99


Redken Color Extend Sun Take Cover SPF 25, £16.85


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