This Simple Change Could Stop Your Hair Colour Fading

If you’ve dyed your hair and like to straighten your locks, we’re here to share an important beauty news bulletin. 

For anyone that’s taken the plunge into Instagram’s obsession with crazy coloured hair (we’re still crushing on the silver hair trend and admit we swoon over rainbow hues every time we scroll through our feeds) you’ll know how quickly these shades fade. 

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But, did you know that there could be one simple reason behind it, and it could be something you’re doing everyday?

Hair colorist and interent star Guy Tang has brought to light the fact that heated styling products can cause serious damage to your hair colour, but only when they’re not used properly. 


In a quick video clip – there’s a lengthier one on YouTube, FYI – he shows that hair straighteners can cause rapid fading almost instantly.



For his video demo, Guy sets the irons to 400 degrees, and (as you can see) the heat seriously affected the hair colour. Guy warns that ‘most people turn their iron on way too high’. 

Of course, this is a very high temp’ to be running through your tresses. We would recommend a heat setting of 180 degrees. 

If you’re currently breathing a sigh of relief because you’re not a seasoned straightener, don’t leave us just yet. Because, according to Guy, other forms of heat can also work in the same way.

If your hairdryer is too hot, or you have a penchant for boiling hot showers/baths, the water can fade your colour faster.

Top tip? Try and wash your locks in lukewarm (or even cold, if you’re brave enough) water to help maintain your ‘do.

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Don’t be put off from styling your hair. Just turn down those temperature settings, ladies…