Hair Sewing: Threading Locks At Alexander McQueen SS16

As soon as Paris Fashion Week comes around, there’s always one show that we just can’t wait to see – whimsical British megabrand Alexander McQueen. Their show closed another day of fashion on Sunday evening, and it’s safe to say it didn’t disappoint. And as much as we loved the flowing bohemian dresses and fringed maxi skirts, it wasn’t the clothes we were interested in. Did you SEE the hair?!

Leading hairstylist Guido Palau took to the models’ hair with just a needle and thread – and nope, we’re not kidding! ‘Hair sewing’, as it’s formally known, is as simple as it sounds; weaving the invisible thread in and out of the hair created romantic, ruched spirals with a fuzzy, flyaway texture. No messing about with endless bobby pins and hidden hair bands – the look reflected the homespun, artisinal feeling of the collection. The result? A kind of raw, messy beauty. The only product Guido used in the hair was Redken’s Windblown Dry Finishing Spray, helping to create a lived-in style.

Kevin Murphy Sewing Kit, £15


But before you go trying to source the nearest haberdashery, fear not; Kevin Murphy has already got the perfect sewing kit, £15, for your luscious locks. It contains two plastic needles and durable linen thread in black, brown and blonde, and provides a much stronger hold than grips and pins.

Snap it up quick, otherwise you might have no choice but to rummage around for your Mum’s old sewing kit…


Annie Quinton