8 Hair Mistakes You’re Probably Making

If your hair’s looking a little meh, you might want to check you’re not making these hair mistakes…

Overdoing The Dry Shampoo

We’re all guilty of this. Dry shampoo can be your best friend, but too much can dull your hair and clog the follicle, leading to thinning hair. Use dry shampoo as a last resort, and always try to make sure you wash your hair the following day.


Having The Shower Too Hot

Hot water will not only dull the colour of your freshly highlighted hair, but it also activates the sebaceous gland within the scalp which then secretes oil, making your hair get greasy soon after washing. Instead, always opt for a warm, rather than hot temperature


Forgetting SPF

You wouldn’t go on holiday without packing sun cream, but would you take a separate hair SPF? For a lot of us, the answer is no. But a good hair SPF can not only protect your hair against sun damage – but the green tinge of chlorine, and drying effects of salt water.


Not Making Time For Masks

From heat styling to colouring – our hair goes through a lot. So if you suffer from frizzy hair, it’s probably crying out for some TLC. Make time for a mask every week or so, and reap the benefits instantly.


Using The Wrong Brush

Metal plated brushes heat up to crazy degrees when blow drying, meaning your hair ends up getting a double dose of heat damage. Switch your brush for a wooden or plastic one to minimise extra heat.

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Towel Drying Your Hair

If you’ve got curly or frizz-prone hair, rough towel drying can generate even more frizz, leaving you with an uncontrollable mane. Swap your towel for a microfiber one (or even a T-shirt!) that’s far gentler on the hair cuticle. Then, use it to dab and very gently squeeze your locks rather than rough rubbing and get ready to say hello to perfectly defined curls.


You’re Drying Your Hair All Wrong

When you blast hair with heat, the cuticle frazzles – causing damage and frizz. Instead, build up the temperature of your hair dryer, so that your hair has time to adjust. Start on the cool setting, before building it up to medium and then hot. To lock you style in place, finish on the cool setting once again.


Not Double Cleansing Your Hair

There’s a big ol’ buzz about double cleansing in skincare – but double cleansing with shampoo has been around for way longer. Ever wondered why your hair feels so good after having a salon shampoo? It’s because they double shampoo! The first is to lift excess product and grease from the hair, whilst the second cleanses the scalp and hair follicle… Get ready for softer, swoosh-worthy hair after the first (or second!) wash.

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