Jessica Biel and Sienna Miller rocking twists on the red carpet

Hair How To Video: Tribal Twisted Plait

If you’re no good at braids, and seriously cannot do one to save your life, then let us introduce the style that’s 100% foolproof- the twist. We saw gorgeous twists all over the catwalk at Marc by Marc Jacobs, where the hair was twisted into tiny little buns running as a Mohawk down the centre of the head. Then at Jeremy Scott to give the models hair an undone messy wave hair was twisted into two pigtails, which were then released before they hit the runway.

Twists on the spring summer '15 catwalk Jeremy Scott and Marc by Marc Jacobs both rocked twists on the catwalk


But it’s just not just a huge catwalk trend because celebs are totally loving twists too. Sienna Miller was spotted sporting gorgeous twists along her crown during Cannes Film Festival and Jessica Biel knows how to work a twisted plait with this never ending pony!

So that everyone can get in on the trend we’ve created a really easy how-to video for you to watch and learn how to do the style. Watch the video to create just one braid, or copy the style our Beauty Ed, Sam Freedman, has come up with making two pigtails, and then joining them into create one long tribal tail.

All you need are your fingers, some clear elastic hair bands, and a mirror to check the back! So watch our really simple 60 second beauty video and you’ll have your perfect twists ready in no time at all. 

Samantha Freedman