Another Hair Was Found In Jeffree Star’s Highlighter

“I’m so grossed out!”

It has only been a couple of months since a customer found a hair in her Jeffree Star Highlighter. But just as the dust had settled over that super awkward Twitter feud, it appears ANOTHER hair has been found – Eek.

Makeup Mami is the unfortunate customer to be next, as she announced on Twitter that she had found the unsightly hair in her compact. The YouTube beauty vlogger said, “I just pulled a hair out of my Jeffree Star frost pan…I’m so grossed out,” which has since reached over 400 retweets and 1,261 shares.


19 year old Natalia Garcia, known as Makeup Mami on social media told Seventeen Magazine in an interview, “I was putting my highlighter on when I noticed what I thought was a brush hair from my highlighting brush,” she adds, “I pulled it from the pan with tweezers only to find it was a long hair. I one hundred percent think it’s a human hair.”

She admits that she hasn’t contacted customer service to make an official complaint just yet but has confirmed she will no longer buy from the brand – and it appears many others agree with her.

This is the second person since January to claim a hair was found in a Jeffree Star Skin Frost. She also took to Twitter to announce it, which ended up in a complete Twitter feud between her and Jeffree. Super awkward.

Whilst she was refunded, Jeffree blocked the customer and claimed that the hair was actually a hair from one of the brushes they use to dust off the compacts.


Brush bristle or not, it is not ideal!

By Emma Hull