Hair Emojis Are Now A Thing

The newest hair trend? Taking tapestry to your tresses.

It goes without saying that Bleach London is the coolest place to transform your locks. Rad rainbow highlights? Check. Edgy styling? You bet. Backstage access to Harry Style’s hair. Yup. And now they’ve only gone and created the most creative hair trend we’ve ever seen.

Introducing hairmojis – the wackiest hair trend of 2017.  Not only does is take our emoji addiction to a whole other level, it’s the official upgrade from the threaded hair braids we were obsessed with in our tweens.

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Bleach first came up with the idea of hair tapestries last summer and obviously we (and the rest of the Internet) were instantly hooked. But it’s been a while since we spotted the cute crochet creations.

Thank goodness then for Lottie Tomlinson — sister of 1D’s Louis, Vlogger and mega makeup artist. Over the weekend Lottie was spotted rocking the tapestry trend in her newly white-blonde locks and we couldn’t be more obsessed.

Hair tapestry kisses 😍🌈

A photo posted by Lou Teasdale (@louteasdale) on

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Best of all the fabric was styled into the sweetest image ever – emojis. The beauty star posted the photo of her heart eyed hair accessory to her Snapchat and we’re glad to see she’s bringing the look back. We predict it will be HUGE come festival season.

Later another pic appeared of Lottie posing alongside a little girl who also is rocking a hair tapestry. The little cutie, Lux, is the daughter of hairstylist supreme, Lou Teasdale. We wonder if the tot is picking up hair threading tips already?

If this hair trend has the Lottie and Lux stamp of approval, count us in. Watch out mum, we’ll be coming to raid your cupboard for some spare thread pretty soon.



By Kirsty McKenzie