Hair-Choker: Why You’ll Be Ditching Hair Bobbles In 2016

The hair tuck isn’t anything new. 

Olivia Palermo has been rocking it for years, with her uber chic New York City style.

It’s also become a seasoned favourite for street style stars, particularly during the cold winter months. 

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But it seems that this clever hair hack has been given a fresh new twist, if the catwalks are anything to go by. 

Coined by the Guardian, the hair-choker trend is a nifty little trick that marries together a colourful neck accessory with the taming of your tresses. 


Spotted on the runways of Christian Dior and Marc Jacobs, amongst others, this beauty trend involves tucking the ends of your hair into a choker, transforming your loose locks into a seriously stand-out style statement. 

Working to the same principle as the hair tuck, or the faux bob as it has also become known, the hair-choker gives you a very similar look.

Marc by Marc Jacobs used this hair choker technique in the Spring/Summer ’14 show


But is has one very trendy difference: your hair is cinched at the neck with a scarf or a choker necklace.  Think sparkling neck adornments for evening glamour, or a patterned neckerchief for everyday urban street style. 

This edgy look may not be to everyone’s taste, but we can imagine that it could work as a simple and easy alternative to fastening your hair into a ponytail – instantly adding some catwalk-worthy style points, too. 

Here’s the big question: would you give it a go?