Move Over Ombre, Brush Lights Are Taking Over

See ya later ombre, there’s a brand new hair colouring technique in town that’s set to give us the best balayage of our lives.

Say hello to brush lights! A highlighting hack that’s so easy, we’re pretty sure we can do it ourselves.

What on earth are we talking about? Let us explain…



Already taking over Instagram, brush lights are the easiest way to achieve beautifully blended balayage, simply by using a hairbrush.

Yep, your trusty mane groomer is now the answer to gorgeous hair colour!

No hideous highlighting caps, excessive sectioning or hours spent in foils needed, brush highlighting is set to be the hair hack of the year.

How does it work? Simple.



To get yourself some brush lights, simply coat the bristles of an ordinary hairbrush – a larger paddle brush is best for covering more strands – in a box-dye of your choice, and run it evenly through your hair to get the look.

Be sure to saturate the lengths and ends of your hair in more colour than the roots, so that you get a flawless gradient.



Pioneered by pro hair colourists @ozdenkurtur  and @emrahdemircii, the brush lights technique is quickly becoming a craze on social media.

Even global beauty queen Huda Kattan has praised the technique and its effects on her Instagram, sharing a how-to video with her 13.4 million followers.



Whether you want to add a subtle sun-kissed touch or create a dramatic colour contrast, brush lights are the easy DIY way to do it.

Now where’s that hairbrush?!

By Catherine Delves