Baking Your Hair Is * Officially * A Thing Now

Hair junkies everywhere, stop what you’re doing, you might want to sit down for this.

Apparently, a lot of us stumble into the trap of ‘microwaving’ our hair, which not only stops styles from lasting, but also frazzles our locks. Nooo! 

So, what exactly is hair microwaving?

According to Marie Claire, it’s when you use a heat tool on a setting that’s too high, rapidly sizzling hair into shape. Sound familiar?

The pros warn that doing this causes a quick heat up and cool down, which prevents the hair setting into your desired style.

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Not only does this fry our hair but we’re also doing it without a cause, as the style doesn’t hold – eek!

But there’s need to freak out too much, as there is an alternative heat styling method that won’t damage your hair quite as much, and will definitely keep your curls perfect for longer.  Winning.

Enter, ‘baking’. It’s the latest beauty buzzword that’s bound to take the beauty world by storm.

But don’t worry, unlike makeup baking (which we love), there’s no powder involved.

We’ve always known that using too much heat, on a setting that’s too high, is damaging for our locks, but now we’ve got a cute new trend to help spread the word even further.

In contrast to microwaving, baking aims to evenly distribute the heat being applied to your hair.

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This is achieved by evenly applying a heat protector to your locks, then using your styling tool on the lowest heat possible.

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Yes, you’ll need to spend more time with your tool on your hair, but the damage will be a lot less severe.

As well as being gentler on your barnet, baking also makes for a longer lasting style – yay!

By Catherine Delves