A First Look At Hailey Baldwin’s ModelCo Makeup Range

Watch out, Kylie!

Hailey Baldwin is our WCW every day of the week and we have often found ourselves scrolling through the beauty’s Instagram with emoji hearts in our eyes wondering how she achieves that ethereal glow.

So it was music to our ears when she announced a few weeks ago that she has teamed up with ModelCo Cosmetics to launch her very own makeup line.

Hailey gave us a glimpse of what joys await us when she shared a pic on her Instagram wearing a highlighter from her range, and it looks nothing short of dreamy. Baldwin used the social media hashtag #TheBeautySquad in her post to get the buzz going around the collection.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting for the range to drop ever since Hayley shared the snap, and we’re sure you have too. Well, we’ve got some good news, it’s finally here and we’ve got a first look at everything in the line. Take a look at the entire range bellow…


Feline Kit Liquid Eye Liner & Applicator Tool, £29.00



Glow Beauty Balm Skin Perfecting Beauty Balm, £40.00



Kiss Pot Rose Lip Balm, £22.00



On-The-Glow Bronze Cream Highlighter, £28.00



On-The-Glow Spotlight Cream Highlighter, £28



Super Lips Baby Long-Lasting Lip Lacquer, £18.00



Super Lips Bewitched Long-Lasting Lip Lacquer, £18.00



Super Lips Billow Long-Lasting Lip Lacquer , £18.00



The Filter- Cream Contour & Glow, £35.00



The Filter – Powder Contour & Glow, £35.00



Super Lips Beige Long-Lasting Lip Lacquer, £18.00

Hailey’s makeup vibe normally focuses a lot on perfecting the finish of the skin and the model has said the products are “affordable, accessible, and combine quality and femininity for a photo-finish inspired look and feel. Think filter-esque hues, sleek packaging, and premium formulas.” We are sold.

So, now that we’ve got our mitts on the entire collection we’ll have skin like a supermodel and can wave goodbye to our trusted Valencia Instagram filter…right!?

By Mollie Hammond