Gwen Stefani’s Makeup Artist Defends *That* Billboards Look

Gwen Stefani sparked some controversial debate during her performance at the Billboards Music Awards, and it wasn’t down to her loved-up duet with new boyfriend Blake Shelton.

Oh no!

While performing hit new track Go Ahead And Break My Heart, Gwen got everyone’s tongues wagging with yep, you guessed it (or… maybe you didn’t), her makeup!

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Fans were divided over Gwen’s decision to ditch her signature bold lipstick and flicked eyeliner, in favour of a more pared-back, natural look.

Some were *so* confused by the singer’s new beauty direction, that Twitter flooded with comments such as; “What happened to Gwen Stefani’s face??? She looks weird af” and “Gwen Stefani’s makeup artist needs to be slapped.”

Harsh guys, so harsh.

> Image: Instagram/Gregory Arlt


The makeup debate has now escalated to such a level, that Gwen’s longtime MUA Gregory Arlt has taken to Facebook to defend his work.

While we do feel sorry for the chap, it also looks like he’s *got* this. No stranger to controversial makeup is our Greg…

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In an aptly sassy Facebook post this morning, Gregory wrote: “Well, the armchair warriors out there in social media land had some very strong opinions about this makeup look I did on Gwen for the Billboard Awards!

“It’s basically what we’ve always been doing, just no upper liner or false lashes (and yes, a pale lip as opposed to a color). You’d think I sent her out with tinted moisturizer and Chapstick from what people were saying!”

Yes Greg! But he didn’t leave it at that, oh no…



“Gwen is the ultimate Barbie head – we love experimenting and trying new things; sometimes subtle (Ooh! A pink lip! Ahh! Lining her eyes with shadow instead of liquid!) and sometimes dramatic (I bleached her eyebrows for the Push And Shove video and sent her out onstage for the awards performance with a nude, pared down 90s supermodel, sun-kissed look).

“Bottom line? We had fun. One of the best times getting her ready, with a room full of people who adore each other, laughing and cracking jokes while revelling in the excitement of performing a number one song on an awards show.

“Some loved it, some did not, but people were talking which I suppose is never a bad thing. The positive outweighed the ‘constructive’ and bottom line is that makeup is the ultimate disposable accessory – have fun with and take it off at the end of the night!”



Whether you liked Gwen’s Billboards look or not, you can’t argue with Gregory and his bottom line.

Go forth and experiment makeup lovers!

By Amy Lewis