Golden Barbie Shares Her Signature Look And Some Very Cool Beauty Hacks

We're so into model Jasmin Sanders' vibe!

She’s BFFs with Kim Kardashian and has a massive 2.1million followers on Instagram so it’s no surprise everyone is obsessed with Golden Barbie. Including us. Which is why we’ve already watched her beauty how-to video approximately ­57 times today.

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Jasmine Sanders, Golden Barbie’s real name, has followed the footsteps of the likes of Bella Hadid and created a beauty vid for The star looks ridiculously good without make up, hair swathed in a thick towel, in a very swish NYC hotel bathroom.

Golden Barbie has a whopping 2.1million followers

The gorgeous model spilled a few sneaky beauty hacks during the two-minute video. Things like adding shadow just behind the tip of her nose to lift and perkify… Contouring her pout using perfectly placed vertical lines and a matte pencil…

Sanders is a fan of using a BeautyBlender to get her base looking flawless. She starts by wetting the sponge then uses it to blend her MAC concealer under and around her eye area. The star joked that she was “ready to go to the beach” after finishing her pretty every day glam. We wished we looked even a tenth this hot when on a beach.

golden barbie

She’s ace at bending and contouring her flawless face

She can also contour like a queen! After creating the sharpest cheekbones in New York, Jasmine cleverly uses a giant brush to dab a teeny bit of highlighter just behind the tip of her nose. It’s a small trick but a very, very good one.

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Things we will take away form Jasmine’s school of beauty…

1.     Take your time with the basics. Groomed brows, blended base and fluffy lashes make anyone look ready

2.     The nicest matte lip nude can be created with a pencil and primer

3.     Don’t be afraid to twist tools so they can be used in different ways

Oh, and we’re not leaving the house without lifting our nose tip, Sanders-styleeee. So clever.