Go Dutch: Copy Jessica Stams’ Cool Reverse Braid Tonight

Catwalk fave Miss Stams has only gone and Hedi-ed up her hair in a super cool fashion. With over the head plaits there’s always a worry you’ll wind up looking like an actual goat herd who lives up a mountain, but by weaving in Dutch and reverse quite literally into your braids, you will defos look hot. Carly Hobbs (carlyhobbs.com) talks your through this Jessica plait action. Now that’s what we call model behaviour.

1. Blow dry your hair super sleek teaming up the GHD Aura Hair Dryer, £145, with Lee Stafford Frizz Off Square Root Brush, £14.99. This will give your braids the best possible start.



2. Next spray on Windle and Moodie Sculpture Hair Spray, £18, and shake it through the strands so they have a whole lot of grip. Section off the front part of your hair to one side using the Superdrug Pintail Comb, £2.09, leaving about two inches worth loose for a causal fringe and gathering up the rest in your fingers.



3. Split the middle bit of the main part of your hair into three sections for the plait. Cross the right strand under the middle strand, then the left under the middle.

4. Repeat this process, working across and then down the head, gathering up a few more strands of hair from each side as you go from right to left. Do this until you get to the ends and all your locks, bar the fringe bit, have been gathered up into the braid.

5. Secure your plait with Hershesons Clear Snagless Hairbands, £6.50 for 50, then sweep it around the nape of your neck and pin in place with Kirby grips. If they slip spray a little of the Windle and Moodie hairspray on them first.

6. Tousle up your fringe with a gentle spray of Paul Mitchell Dry Wash, £18.95, to give it texture before you tuck it behind your ear and wait for your beauts barnet compliments to come rolling in.



Carly Hobbs