You Can Make Your Hair Glow-In-The-Dark Now

Hair stylist, Guy Tang, is making all our dreams come true.

Hair guru Guy Tang has promoted his Neon Hair Battle social media campaign in the best way possible: with a tutorial detailing how to dye your hair so that it glows-in-the-dark. This week, he has amazed his 1.5 million YouTube subscribers with his latest creation that, not only looks undeniably fabulous, but will make you impossible to lose on a night-out.

He’s already created oil spill hair and metallic hair but his new invention has us all demanding these eye-popping neon shades from our local hairdressers. Watch and appreciate the glowyness.

Obviously, we’re desperate to know how this look was achieved. Tang started the process by lifting the models hair with bleach, then continued to use hair dyes from the Kenra Professional Creative Neons Colors collection in fuchsia, yellow, orange, and red. The models hair even looks amazing in daylight, where it falls into a kind of ombre-inspired, lava-like curtain.

But at night-time, it gets even more real.

These images are just the cherry-on-top to an already addictive Instagram feed full of major hair inspo. If you’re half as excited as we are, you’ll want to check these out…

It’s not advisable to attempt this at home (unless you’re professionally trained of course) but this look has opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Hair stylists can enter by uploading their photos with the hashtag #NeonMania and #NeonHairBattle.

By Shannan Sterne