‘Gloss Smudging’ Is The Easy New Way To Disguise Your Roots

The newest technique to make your highlights look more natural than ever.

During the summer, hair highlights are often a girl’s best friend for giving luscious locks a sun kissed look. The only downside? The upkeep. After a few weeks roots will often grow, leaving the telltale signs of the obvious line between where the root ends and the colour starts.

To combat this, LA colourist Keri Hall, who has worked with the likes of Anna Faris and Karlie Kloss, has invented a technique called ‘gloss smudging.’ Once the hair has been highlighted, the colourist applies a toner or gloss to the roots, using a brush to ‘smudge,’ which blends the lines between root and colour. The end result?

The most natural looking highlight.

Before: February blues ❄️ After: Sun-kissed colour ready for Summer ☀️ ✂ By Agi

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Best of all, the technique works for anyone, with any hair tone, that wants to go a few shades lighter. “I smudge everyone who walks in the door,” Hill said of the technique. So, if you’re a blonde bombshell or a brunette beauty, smudging will work on both.

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Can’t keep up with the upkeep of highlights? Have no fear, because smudging gives you even longer between before you need your roots redone. “It actually buys you time between appointments,” Hill said. Thanks to how the toner fades, it blends in better with the rest of the hair, giving a natural look with lasts for months. Say goodbye to endless trips to the salon, and say hello to sun kissed hair all summer long!

By Kelsey Dring