Glitter Tears Nail Art Will Blast Away January Blues

And it doesn’t require a Phd in art to create it. Bonus!

You might think nail art died a death in late 2015 but, no. The craft is back but, thankfully, it’s a little easier to produce and just as satisfying. These pretty glittery nails are the perfect example of nail art anyone can do.

We first spied the style on Instagram, the place where all great beauty trends are born. Jewellery designer Marisa Seok posted a handful of pics, advertising her crystal rings. As lovely as her 90s-style jewels are, we couldn’t help but be drawn to Marisa’s sparkling mani.

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A photo posted by Marisa Seok💎⭐️ (@jiwinaia) on

Nail art is back with a glittery edge!

Each nail appeared to be dipped in a different shade of chunky glitter, making her hand look like a glorious rainbow of fun.

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Just looking at Marisa’s tips takes our mood levels from 5 to 8! This is surely the easiest way to lift any lingering January misery you might have been feeling.

So, how do we administer this mood-boosting mani? The answer is VERY EASILY. Our kind of answer.

👅🌸🍡Fav rice cakes🍥JIWINAIA x Trolls Piercing Ring🐸🌈Get yours now at @colette 💠💠 #JIWINAIA #jewellery #Trolls

A photo posted by Marisa Seok💎⭐️ (@jiwinaia) on

Start with a perfectly buffed and clean set of nails. Raggedy cuticles and yellow bases are a no-no.

Slick on a clear base coat (Seche Clear, £8.95) to protect nails from naughty glitter particles. As pretty as they look, glitter on a naked nail will stick for*ever*.

This look works so well with matching jewellery

To achieve glitter tears as full as these, we recommend picking up some pots of craft glitter. While your base coat is still wet, dip the tips of your nails in the glitter. Use an orange stick to apply large dots further up the nail.

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Once dry, apply a crystal top coat to protect your fun new nails!

Oh, and then co-ordinate your rings accordingly.