Glitter Hair Trends Go Viral

Here at LOOK HQ we’re always on the hunt for a new hair trend to obsessive over, and the latest look to catch our eye sure is a good ‘un.

Glitter roots. Yep, the oh-so pretty way to hide your growing out highlights, or just rock a little extra sparkle in your do’. We’ve seen snaps of shimmering partings ALL over our instagram feeds and now the lovely Gemma Styles (yes, Harry Styles’ sister) has teamed up with Fudge Urban to show us exactly how to nail the look. 

Check out the video tutorial below, which proves glitter roots are actually pretty simple to create. All you need is the Fudge Urban Powder Styler, £7.29, the Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray, £5.29 – and some glitter, obvs.

If (like us) you’re gonna rock glitter roots this party season, be sure to check out our round up fo the best shampoos, because all good things must come to an end, and you’ll need a super shampoo to wash away all that sparkle. 

If you fancy a little more hair-spiration take a peek at some of the other ah-mazing hairstyles we’ve found on instagram, from pumpkin-spiced strands to multi-coloured rainbow roots. Yep, our feeds are officially becoming a go-to for hot new hair trends.

And don’t think it’s just us girls having all the fun. Nope. The boys are at it too and it all seems to have started with Instagram account @thegaybeards sharing a sparkly joint selfie of themselves rocking their glittering beards.

Since then Insatgram as been full of bristly bearded men filling their faces with the stuff, just type in the hashtag #glitterbeard to be met with a host of male bauble-beards.

Is it a new hipster craze or just a Christmas catch on? We’re not sure, but practicality aside – we don’t want our other halves, or dads to be chocking on glitter – we LOVE it! Good work boys!