What Is Glass Skin And How Can I Get It?

The new Korean skincare trend sweeping the beauty bizz

Korean gals are faaaamous for their skincare, but now it’s all about the beauty buzzword ‘Glass Skin’. But wtf is it?

What is Glass Skin?

According to Allure, Glass Skin is pretty much the ideal for Korean skincare. It’s skin that looks so poreless and so clear it’s almost translucent – i.e. like a pane of glass. Gettit?

But glass skin isn’t something you can achieve overnight. It’s that kind of intensely hydrated complexion that takes serious skincare work. Youthful-looking skin is one of the most strived-for qualities in Korea. And it’s the consistent level of high quality skincare (hello 12 step routines) that ultimately give that super hydrated sheen to the skin.

Founders at the Glow Recipe Sarah Lee and Christine Chang told Allure they key to getting that glass like baby soft skin is all about the layering. You want to use multiple lightweight layers of hydrating products so that skin looks dewy and plump.

Time to hit up that Korean beauty aisle in Selfridges…

Of course, we’re impatient – and if you don’t have time to spend 12 hours a day focussing on your skincare regime there is a way to fake it with make-up. It’s all about dewiness, so use a water-based foundation and switch your metallic highlighters for glosses.

Dewy tonight ✨

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And the best news? We know of a brand that’s launching next month that’s PERFECT for getting that glossy glass skin. Errrrm HELLO GLOSSIER.

We. can’t. wait.