Glass Nails: The Latest Korean Beauty Trend You Need To Know About

Thought there was nothing new to come out of the world of nail art? Well, we’re glad to say you’re wrong, because this new trend is one of the most beautiful things to adorn the ends of fingers in a long while.

Say hello to glass nail art. And, like most revolutionary beauty products of our day (sheet masks, BB Cream, egg white cleanser), it originates from Korea. Manicurist Eun Kyung Park, founder of Unistella Salon in Seoul, is the woman behind the craze.

Image from Instagram user @januaryjane28

Image from Instagram user @xmxonxax

Image from Instagram user @eyeofej






Park’s 3D creations are inspired by glass bottles, with nails appearing to have glass shards decoratively placed on top of the polish. And with the endless design possibilities – be it a holographic glass effect, negative nail space, or glass extensions – there’s sure to be a style you’ll lust after. Desperate to create your own at home? Try experimenting with nail foil – there are some great colours here.

After some more inspiration? Search the #glassnails hashtag on Instagram, and scroll to your heart’s content! Or have a peek at Eun’s Instagram to view her breathtaking creations.

Annie Quinton