GlamGlow Are Releasing Power Rangers Face Masks

Oh, the Instagram opportunities...

Following the recent release of the new Power Rangers film, which came to UK cinemas on March 24th, the superhero phenomenon shows no signs of stopping, and now you can even incorporate it into your skincare.

Fresh out of Hollywood, the original home to on-screen superheroes and skincare company Glamglow, the brand have announced on Instagram they will be releasing Power Rangers facemasks, making it that much easier to channel your inner superhero on a daily basis.

According to their Instagram post, the masks will be part of the โ€œGravityMudโ€ line, and will be released in both green and gold, to match with the movieโ€™s villain Rita Repulsa, and her monster Goldar. If they are anything like the GravityMud mask, you can expect a super firming facemask, which will leave the skin feeling tighter and brighter.

Currently, Glamglow have not yet confirmed the price or release date, but you can expect to pay upwards of ยฃ39.00 to get your own superhero complexion, when the products drop in autumn this year.

Canโ€™t wait until then to get a glimpse? Check out make-up artist Kandee Johnson using both colours before the Power Rangers premiere.

By Kelsey Dring