What Is The Weird Blue Face Mask You Keep Seeing On Instagram?

We see it. We want it.

Cool face masks are everywhere these days. Social media has become a face mask frenzy with cute animal themed sheet masks and multicoloured mud masks popping up on everyone’s pages.

The latest, which you may or may not have seen on your screen is shiny and blue and looks somewhat like a weird superhero mask.

We recently spotted it on Nina Dobrev’s Insta, when she uploaded a photo of herself and some friends around the pool all wearing their mystic blue masks.

As we are not used to seeing such crazy coloured faces, we decided to do some research – after all there can only be so many metallic blue face masks.

Turns out they are from none other than mask masters GlamGlow. A quick introduction, if you don’t already use the Cali born brand’s skin saving formulas you areΒ  SERIOUSLY missing out. We don’t know where our faces would be without their Supermud Clearing Treatment, Β£39 (it clears up bad skin overnight).

Their masks cater to all your skin needs, from spots to dull skin to wrinkles – whatever the problem they’ve got the answer.Β  Anyway, back to the blue mask. A colab with (you’re not gonna believe it) Sonic The Hedgehog. LOL. The limited edition mask is a Gravity Mud Firming Treatment.

As we’re sure you’ve already guessed, the formula is bright blue because Sonic is also bright blue. Duh. The mask itself is used to tighten, firm and refine.

You apply it all over with a little brush, then leave it to dry and finally peel off after roughly half an hour. Rinse any excess blue off with warm water.

As the product is limited edition we suggest getting yours with some haste, we wouldn’t want you to miss out now.

And, just like our Deputy Beauty Ed Chloe, don’t forget to take a selfie. But that goes without saying. Why else would you have bought the mask?