Girl Problems: 9 Beauty Moments We’ve All Had

We’ve all been there, you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, you read the quote, then burst out laughing. Uncontrollably. You could be on the train, at lunch or even at your desk. You screen shot it and send it to all your friends. This quote has basically been written for you. Are we right? Well, if so, you’re going to love, laugh and die when you read the beauty quotes that have been getting us giggling at LOOK HQ. From hair disasters to nail nightmares, we’re pretty sure you can relate to one of those ‘OMG, this is so me’ moments.

So now, all we can say is simply enjoy…

Amen! Whoever can come up with a solution to non-chipping nail polish, we need to marry you.

Nail polish lasts a lifetime on your toes, but chips in a second on your nails


Who says homeless can’t be chic!?

I only have straight, wavy or homeless hair


We’ve all been there. Over-plucked skinny and boarder-line man bush. It’s OK.

Brows have had their fair share of thin and thickness thats for sure


You can say that again. Let us think when that has ever happened. Yup, never!

People who finish their shampoo and conditioner at the same time are angels


Well, unless you’re a leftie!

When you paint your nails the left is flawless, the right is a mess!


We wish…oh darling how we wish!

The only bags under my eyes are Chanel


Beyonce’s definitely got this on her phone cover…right?

I got 99 problems but my nails aint one


Who. Can. Be. Bothered!


Samantha Freedman