Zoella Unveils The Cover Of Her New Book

Zoe Sugg has finally given her fans what they’ve been waiting for. 

In her latest vlog on her secondary channel, More Zoella, the YouTube sensation showed off the cover for her new book – the sequel to the best-selling hit Girl Online

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The up and coming follow-up story is titled Girl Online: On Tour, and is set to be published on 20th October.


The cover art shows a series of cute illustrations, including an AAA pass to a concert, a pair of ‘plane tickets and a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Zoe told her viewers that these are big hints as to what’s in store for the rest of the tale… 

The highly anticipated story is set to continue on the tale of 16-year-old Penny – the Girl Online – who, much like Zoella, ran a famous blog where she talked about her life, loves and friendships.

> Zoella’s first novel, Girl Online, was a huge hit


The story, which was the fasted selling novel of 2014, went on to see Penny flying out to New York, where she fell head-over-heels for a boy called Noah. In a big twist, Noah just so happened to be a famous rockstar, which ultimately lead to her blog persona – which had remained anonymous – being revealed. 

Zoe has written the novel herself, with the close support of her Penguin Editor. In her video, Zoe touched on their close relationship, saying she has found a friend: “I have absolutely loved working with Amy. She’s taught me so much about the writing process and how to develop my writing skills…”



The YouTube star also treated her fans to a reading from the new book; advice on how to deal with dating a worldwide pop icon. 

We can only hope that these tips will come in handy in our own lives one day! 

Now, where’s Harry Styles at? 

By Laura Jane Turner

Pictures: Instagram: @Zozeebo