Here’s How You Get Gigi’s Killer Abs

Aside from her face, her hair and basically just her whole life, there is one thing we are oh-so envious of when it comes to the stunning supermodel, and that’s her insanely toned abs.

Yep, we spend our days wondering just how Gigi gets that washboard stomach and finally our prayers have been answered because her ab workout routine has been revealed in Vogue’s August issue, which Gigi is the cover of.

In the issue, Vogue spoke to her trainer, Rob Piela who works at Gotham Gym in New York to find out how us mere mortals can get a toned tum, and good news is anyone can get it with a bit of hard work.

“It’s all about how hard you work and how much you put in – Gigi is a hard worker,” he says. Rob likes to mix it up for Gigi with a combination of cardio (boxing) and intense floor work, which keeps her core engaged. The bad news is, there’s no room for slacking as Gigi keeps to a regimented workout schedule, four days a week, every week.

“Staying fit is all about consistency, don’t miss workout days; don’t get lazy in winter,” says Rob. Well, those abs aren’t going to build themselves!


Luckily for us her trainer has broken down her core carving routine into steps which are slightly easier to chew, so we can all have a go at getting that Gigi body…

1. 10 minute boxing warm up.

2. Three sets of 40 crunches.

3. Another 10 minutes of boxing to raise your heart rate.

4. Three sets of 40 bicycle crunches each. Kick each leg out as you bicycle.

5. Another 10 minutes of boxing.

6. Hold a 60-second plank.

7. Four sets of 25 leg raises.