Gigi Hadid And Kendall Jenner Get Matching Pixie Crops

All in the spirit of NYFW

New York Fashion Week is upon us, and in the manner of friendship (and fashion) model BFFs Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have got matching pixie crops.

And of course, they look amazing.

Chopping to their chin (and then some) the gal pals debuted their new super-short hair cuts on the runway of Tom Ford. And LOOK HOW GOOD THEY BOTH LOOK:

Paired with a slick of mega black eyeliner and nude lips, it kind of reminds us back in the early 00s when Paris Hilton was the Queen of the pixie cut. But y’know – in a totally fash-forward good way.

Granted, we’re guessing the crop chops are all down to some pretty clever wig-gerry. But y’know – we think they look awesome. And if Tom Ford says it’s cool… then it’s cool.

What do you think? Reckon Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid should keep their super short locks? Chat to us @lookmagazine and let us know your thoughts.