Gigi Hadid Takes Hair Inspiration From Kylie Jenner

When Gigi Hadid rocked up to the MTV Movie Awards this year, something was different. Because hello, fringe!

Yep, the Victoria’s Secret model decided to switch up her signature blonde locks for the night, and emerged from her hotel room sporting cute new bangs to go with her poker straight tresses.

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Working a black Versace trouser suit and a neon yellow patterned blouse, we thought Gigi’s new hair worked wonderfully with her sharp androgynous outfit. But it wasn’t a complete crowd pleaser.


Twitter users on the night were definitely divided about Gigi’s new look, with some labelling it ‘hot’ and ‘sharp’, wheilst others weren’t quite as enamoured…

‘Gigi the fringe..?no. Just no @GiGiHadid’, one slammed.

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It’s not like it was permanent, though, as by the looks of things Gigi had simply opted for a clip-in faux fringe for the night – because when you’re a celebrity, you can pretty much try out any style you like without the commitment, no?

Just ask Kylie Jenner – the 18-year-old reality TV star has now made her colourful wigs just as famous as she is, but don’t think she’s pleased about the new ever-changing fake hair trend she’s kickstarted.


In a new interview with Marie Claire, Kylie admitted: ‘I started wigs, and now everyone is wearing wigs.’ Eesh.

We just hope she’s not too peeved that Gigi’s now jumping on those hairpieces, too…